Wheel alignment is a part of standard automobile maintenance that includes of adjusting the angles of the wheels to manufacture maker’s specifications. It will reduce the tire wearing, make your car run straight (not pulling right or left), and improve gas mileage. We also do motorsport (lowered) and off road (lifted) autos to specs that are adjusted well beyond “normal,” or if you have your own specifications. We’re using the newest and most accurate technology: Hunter™ alignment equipment, to get the job done the first time.
Wheel alignments are recommended to be done once in 2 years or at least every time you are replacing your tires, if you changed some suspension parts like struts, control arms or tie rods. Whether you hit a curb, run over a pothole, experience an accident, feel that your car pulls to the right or left, or squalling while turning corners – just call us, make an appointment and we will check your alignment. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with a noticeable, great quality alignment that will keep your tires in good shape for as long as possible, not only with manufacturer specifications.


Alignment procedure:

Ed’s qualified alignment technicians will place your vehicle on the alignment rack- inspect suspension and steering, including tire condition and air pressure. Mount and compensated newest technology Hunter™ sensors and get a reading of your car alignment which only takes a few minutes.

Camber, caster, and toe angles are adjusted according to manufacturer specifications. Print final tire alignment readings. Test drive the vehicle. We warranty our alignment for 6 months.


To keep your tires as long as possible you must check and keep your tire pressure according to the specification of your car, not every car has TPMS so you can see that the pressure of the tire is low. Correct inflation of tires is a major improvement in fuel savings. We recommend performing tire rotation every 6-7k miles.